24 November 2009

What Do You Think of National Healthcare?

National healthcare would be a miserable failure, as it has been reported from other places around the globe. I do not trust this administration especially (and frankly any administration) to decide who gets the care and who doesn't. You cannot FORCE people to ante up the dough for healthcare costs when their hearts are full of greed; they will find some other way to cheat the system. The only way to bring about the reform we need is when all men see that they are in violation of God's holy standard. When we all (including you) recognize that we have sinned in our minds and in our actions against a 100% pure and holy God and therefore deserve His righteous punishment in hell will we then be in a position to receive the "cure" for our malady of incredible avarice, selfishness, and cruelty.

How do we see this, you may ask? Peer into God's holy law and see yourself as He sees you; if you've told even one lie, you are a LIAR (the 9th commandment), if you've stolen anything (the value matters not, but rather the ACTION of STEALING) including company time or someone's trust by lying, you are a THEIF (the 8th commandment). You have heard it said "Do not commit adultery," but Jesus said that if you even LOOK at someone to lust after them, God sees you as an ADULTERER (the 7th commandment). This is only three of God's holy commandments (Ex. 20). How did you do? God will judge you guilty for breaking His law, for being a seething, rebellious sinner at heart no matter how many times you have been to a religious institution to try and curry His favor. We all have gone astray and have shown ourselves to be hopelessly vile in heart (even if you haven't done the act physically, God judges your very THOUGHTS! He sees ALL!) Therefore, since we are all criminals in His eyes, we ALL (whether Pope, priest, pastor, or President) face an eternity of hell seperated from a God so pure, so good, so holy that He CANNOT PARDON TRANSGRESSION AND ALLOW US IN HIS SIGHT (Prov. 17:15). To do this, God Himself would be sinning by turning a blind eye to justice, which of course He cannot do.

But the Good News is that Jesus Christ, God's Son, was sent by God to keep a law we couldn't keep, and then crushed by God on the cross (Isaiah 53) as a willing victim of our cruelty and malice toward Him so that He could take our punishment and we could go free, even giving us the status of righteous in God's sight! Then Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death, showing Himself to be a trustworthy Savior, very God of very God Himself. The Bible (God's Word) declares that if a man or woman will repent of his/her greed, covetousness, lust, rebellion, idolatry (for the Bible says none of us seek God as He truly is, but rather an idol that we are more comfortable with; like one we can do good works for in order to gain access into heaven or nirvana or blissful existence or whatever idolatrous man feels most comfortable calling it), and all other forms of wickedness, and TRUST in Christ and His work on the cross as their ONLY HOPE for salvation and deliverance from God's wrath and their own wicked, incessantly sinning hearts, THEN God will remit our case against Him due to our sin, cleanse us from ALL iniquity, treat us and look upon us as He does His righteous Son Jesus, and grant us everlasting life. That is my "philosophy" on healthcare and health insurance reform.

Until this change takes place in a man's heart, he will forever either: 1) live out blatantly sinfully lifestyles, joining the embezzlers and misers of the world by sinning his greedy heart's content, or 2) live out his life of greed and covetousness in secret, putting on his Sunday best, his political piety, or popish pretense the better to deceive others into thinking he knows the way to salvation, as a smokescreen throws a predator off of the trail of its prey. But mark my words, we will one day all answer before Him who sees ALL, knows ALL, and avenges the very least of these, from those unborn, to those oldest born. Please repent and trust the Savior Jesus Christ, and read His Word so you too may flee the wrath to come. The honesty and fidelity in healthcare reform will then follow, not by putting the cart before the horse, but as fruit falling from a firmly rooted tree, producing its fruit in season.

Soli Deo Gloria

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